Venues are important key to the celebration of a wedding

Wedding Planner in Udaipur

They create the atmosphere that is forever linked to the memories of the wedding

The venue is generally one of the first decisions made, thus driving many

Other wedding purchases Couples can choose to be as traditional or creative With their venues as they wish


It has even recently become popular to choose a venue based off of a wedding theme For example, a Great Gatsby themed wedding could be held on Martha’s Vineyard or at the Rosecliff Mansion in Rhode Island destination weddings have also become popular in recent years. Udaipur , Jaipur , Goa, Hyderabad The most awesome Destination Wedding location in India
Destination weddings are weddings that are held in a location that the
Couple does not reside in, often in an exotic or popular tourism
Destination These kinds of weddings allow many couples to live out their dream wedding In order to accommodate for these new venue desires, most couples will choose a venue early in the planning process so that there is more flexibility in dates

Theme and destination weddings may be a rising trend, but according to Daniels et al., the top ten wedding locations of 2012 were hotels, country clubs, banquet halls, historic buildings, restaurants, garden sites, resorts, plantation sites, personal
residences, and museums Although these theme and destination weddings are
growing in popularity Many couples tend to choose to hold their weddings at more
Traditional or all inclusive venues than to follow the popular trends..
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