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Talking about the trend in marriage is more than important to cite and remember the origin of rituals and values that only this moment so important can provide a couple that will live together through life. Thus, it is possible to understand how new tendencies contribute to the realization of dreams without escaping from the main goal of celebrating love.
Marriage in India:
In India, marriage encompasses many meanings. Millennia are celebrated as ceremonial occasions with rituals and costumes typical of different beliefs. Whether in modern metropolises or traditional villages, the meaning of marriage in India remains the same, but with new trends: more than a social event, it is an exciting time of strong spirituality.
According to Hindu tradition, weddings are divine feasts also held in Heaven and therefore the celebration on earth must be on the same level of joy and beauty. All this makes sense since marrying is the physical, mental and spiritual union of two individuals.

The wedding trends:
The trend in this type of occasion is very important and has been much sought after to assist in the planning of ceremonies which brings to the bride and groom the possibility of making choices to make real the idealizations of a life.
Marriage brings unified symbology, a single marriage, a single dress, a single place. Be it a grandiose party or something more traditional, more and more looking for new things, brings the richness present in every detail, a spectacular decoration, a magical place the perfect dress the best flowers, the most vibrant colors and the most delicious banquet.

Thinking about the preparations we can mention some examples of current tendencies present in the ceremonies:

Current tendencies:
Normally, the bride takes a week to prepare for the wedding, the clothes must be full of colors and have a lot of sparkle, many jewels, not just for the bride and groom as well as for the guests.
Traditionally red is the most common because it is linked to the image of the lakshmi goddess, symbol of beauty, abundance, generosity and especially wealth and fortune. But the trend leaves room for new color variations, such as pink, light green, yellow, silver or aged gold. Can be in Saree or lehenga models. Fabrics of types: Velvet, chiffon, Georgette, pure and flowing silk.IMG-20170113-WA0098
Antique jewelry like gold, combined with colored stones, gemstone, long chandelier and layered necklace earrings.
Best honeymoon places:
The location of the ceremony and honeymoon is also somewhat biased, places like:
Andamans (India) are good options
In order to fulfill this market capable of realizing dreams, companies have been creating biased ideas, realizing all the fantasies stored within the hearts of brides around the world.

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