The Most Luxurious Wedding Destination In America

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There are a lot of wedding videos circulating on the Internet. There is such a fascination with wedding videos that

sometimes you wonder if the viewer likes weddings or they like car crashes. Car crashes are as popular as wedding videos

on the Internet, as far as sharing is concerned.

What people are actually watching are videos of young people getting married the first time. You would not see videos

of middle-aged people getting married for the third time. You would see lovely people at their wedding with a minister or

priest singing for the bride and groom, or at their reception dancing with a well-choreographed bridal entourage.

However, you might be jaded about wedding videos. The truth is that these attract a large viewing public because they

bring hope and happiness. In addition, if there is a video online, it means that the bride and groom, or their parents

spent a lot on the wedding.

If you think that eloping to Las Vegas for a quick wedding is cheap, you most probably have never been to Las Vegas.

However, there are still a lot of other places, which are the most expensive wedding venues in America. Think about it, going to

the middle of the desert to get married in a white chapel by an Elvis impersonator. Yes, no matter how off the wall that

sounds, people do want to get married with an Elvis impersonator officiating.

Enjoy the wedding videos online, and get used to them, because the next big trends in weddings are those officiated

online, or are live streaming as the wedding ceremony is progressing.

1. Santa Barbara, California ($39,000)

The fantastic weather, the beautiful surroundings and the spectacular ocean views surely come with a price. That is why

a wedding in Santa Barbara is considered expensive by any given standards, with reception charges that could go from

$17,000 and up.


2. San Francisco, California ($40,000)

With very high standard costs of living, it is no longer surprising that holding a wedding event in a highly advanced

city is quite pricey but surely worth it.


3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ($40,350)

There is more to this city than meets the eye and that includes great wedding venues where you can hold an

unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception. Most packages already include transportation, decor, band, and venue, which

may be in any of the beautiful mansions that populate the city.


4. Providence, Rhode Island ($42,000)

Providence offers many different venues, mostly historical ones, where a memorable wedding can take place. Of all the

expenses that come with arranging a sparkling event, a good portion goes to the DJ.


5. The Biltmore Estate, North Carolina ($50,500)

This centuries-old chateau that has over 250 rooms is perfect for a picturesque, memorable wedding. It takes pride on

its vast display of original antiques, furniture and art pieces as well as its panoramic landscapes.


6. Central Park, New York ($60,000)

The Loeb Central Boathouse that has been sitting in a Central Park lake for over a hundred and fifty years is a

favorite superstar location for sophisticated weddings. Most of the ceremonies are held at the Lake Room, which is

surrounded by gardens and a nice overview of the lake itself.

Central Park, New York

7. Manhattan, NYC ($82,000)

With many picturesque views, this city is one of the best choices for those who want luxurious wedding ceremonies.

Wedding packages start at around $76,000 while reception venues could significantly cost $30,000 and above.

Manhattan, NYC

8. Pelican Hill, California ($100,000)

This five-star wedding venue located off the coast of Newport Beach is a favorite among couples who want customized

ceremonies. There are various wedding venues available on varying spots in the exclusive resort. Each package may include

a bungalow stay for the couple, spa packages, and a wedding butler among others.

Pelican Hill, California

9. Little Palm Island, Florida ($175,000)

The exclusivity of this wedding venue is perfect for those who seek an intimate and sophisticated event. Wedding

ceremonies may be held on the beach front or the Sunset Dock to take advantage of the luscious views available. Each

wedding package is good for up to 60 guests in attendance.

Little Palm Island, Florida

10. Blackberry Farm, Tennessee ($315,000)

A romantic ceremony amidst the lush Blackberry Farm is one of the most luxurious choices available. Included in the

package are the breathtaking views of the Smoky Mountains as the backdrop of your wedding, gourmet meals, a two-night

deluxe stay for your guests that could reach up to 138, menu customization, and so much more.

Blackberry Farm, Tennessee

Meantime, check out our well-crafted infographic detailing the most expensive wedding spots in the US!

Top 10 Most Expensive Places To Get Married In America


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