Age Criteria: Should I Marry Now or Later

In Our Society, In Our Culture, There Is An Age Criteria To Marry For A Male And Female Individually. For A Girl It starts From 18 and for a Boy It Starts From 21.But Now With Rapidly Changing Time, Career Is Being Considered First Priority Whether It Be A Girl Or Boy .And Definitely It Takes Time To Make Ur Own Identification At Your Own Level. Now It Has Become Normal To Get Married Up To 25 Or 26.But After 26, It Becomes A Matter Of Concern. Well, It Depends On Ur Own Understanding, What Marriage Means For U .Still For Some Ridiculous Reasons Shouldn’t Pressurize Urself To Get Married Or Don’t Misunderstand Marriage In Other Words U Can Say. Like-

-Dont Marry Bcoz U R Of Age.

-Dont Marry Coz U R Lonely.

-Dont Marry Coz U Dont Want To Lose The Person.

-Dont Marry Coz Of Family Pressures.

-Dont Marry Coz All Ur Friends Are Getting Married.


First Prepare Urself. Create A Deep Understanding About Marriage. Be Matured. Once U R Mature Won’t Get Married Bcoz Of Infatuation, But Rather Consider Other Personality Traits. But Get Married Bcoz U R In Love, Get Married Coz He Or She Is Ur Best Friend And When That Love Is No More, He Or She Can Still Make U Smile………

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by Narolie

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